Melblok-Complex ™

Brighter, Clearer, more Even Skin Tone!

Melblok-Complex, the Pigmentation correcting Powerhouse is our Patented and Scientifically Proven Anti-Pigmentation Technology. Melblok-Complex works with natural extracts isolated from Turmeric and Hiba Tree, along with Essential Multi-Vitamins to help reduce the Multiple Signs of Pigmentation like Marks, Spots, Blemishes, Dark Patches, Stubborn Tanning, and Dullness for Brighter, Clearer more Even Skin Tone!

GLOmega ™

Glowing Skin from within

Glomega is our unique blend of all Natural Plant based Omega Fatty Acids that contains all five omega fats including Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9 that replenish essential lipids in the skin, and nourish it from within for Internal Radiance and Youthful, Glowing Skin.

HydraFlux ™

Smooth, Plump & Fresh Skin

Hydraflux is our Intense Natural Hydration Technology that contains a High Potency Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid combined with Fruit Sugars that infuse water Deep inside the skin. This water helps plump the skin and supports its natural exfoliation to improve skin Repair & Renewal that acts against open pores, roughness and dullness for Smoother, Fresher looking skin.

MoistuRight ™

Perfectly Balanced, Right Levels of Moisturization

MoistuRight combines the moisture binding strength of Multiple Natural humectants and light oils of Chia, Hemp, Seabuckthorn Fruit & Pomegranate that work collectively to attract & lock moisture in the skin while nourishing it, for perfectly balanced, right levels of moisturization.

Stable-Screen ™

Less Chemicals, More Sun Protection

Stable-Screen is a Stable Sunscreen technology that gives high level of sun protection with low levels of Sunscreen. Typical Sunscreens break-down within a few minutes of sun exposure, leaving skin exposed and unprotected. Stable-Screen is much more stable, giving long lasting sun protection without the need for frequent re-application or additional sun protection!