Welcome to Melblok!

We make high-performance, problem-solving skincare products designed to restore skin to its truest form - age appropriate, smooth, bright & clear!

Every Melblok product is powered by cutting-edge science that is good for our skin. Our products are made with natural, clean, and Bio-Appropriate ingredients that work harmoniously with our skin’s natural biology to not only be amazingly effective, but to also maintain good skin health.

We are building the future beauty brand that's rooted in performance, safety, environmental consciousness, and honesty! Our purpose and inspiration is to do what is fundamentally right for you. Helping you achieve true, and honest #skingoals. And the truth is that we are all born beautiful. No one should judge themselves by any paradigm other than what nature intended. That’s why we're driven to help you restore your true skin which is at its original best, and through it, restore your true confidence.

Our Source

Melblok is a brand from Ratti Corporation, based out of both New York and New Delhi. Ratti is a Performance Beauty Company founded by Karan Ratti - a scientist specializing in Regenerative Dermatology and Hair Biology as well as a nature enthusiast. So naturally, Ratti is a science driven beauty company passionate about building products that really work, sustainably, using nature and our body's own regenerative ability as a guide.

Our History

Ratti Corporation started out in 2012 as a Research Services company providing Core Bilogical & Bio-Chemical Research, as well as Formulation Development for some of the best brands globally. Melblok was Beta-launched in 2016 after several years of research and development with 6 products including Melblok's best selling Pigmentation products - the Day and Night Creams, and products for Professional Use. In 2021 Melblok Re-launched as a Restorative Skincare Brand with newer technologies and improved products that give Dramatic Results using the best of Natural and Modern Chemistry.